Dec. 7th, 2009 12:30 pm
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All right all of my mommy friends I need some advice. I'm trying to wean A from the bottle. She'll drink water and juice from a sippy cup as well as a cup with a straw, but when I put milk in the sippy she won't drink it. Today at lunch I put her milk in the sippy, she took one sip and put it down. She ate all her lunch and then just sat there. No crying or anything, but she wasn't drinking. So I put the milk in her bottle and she downed it.

Whenever I put milk in a sippy cup (or if we're in a restaurant and the put it in a cup with a lid and straw) she take one sip and looks very confused. And then just refuses to drink it.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
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So we're having people over for dinner tonight. P's parents, brother C, brother N and sister-in-law L, their daughter A, and my parents are coming for a belated birthday celebration. In an interesting change of pace, I am doing most of the cooking for when everyone comes over. So I'm making fresh ground beef sauce and two pans of lasagna. Plus garlic bread (made fresh) and salad (which my mom is bringing). My MIL is bringing P's cake of choice on his birthday (ice cream) which is basically saving us from having to run out for it.

The biggest part of the sauce is done - it's now simmering on the stove. And I'm getting to listen to the newest stuff we downloaded off iTunes a few days ago (mostly 80s and 90s one hit wonders).

P's outside doing the weeding, lawn-mowing, etc. A is sleeping in her crib upstairs, Molly's on the couch next to me. And I have some time to relax, catch up on internets and maybe get some new pictures on Facebook. Yay.

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