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I made minion cupcakes for my daughter's "un-birthday" at school. I thought I'd post how I made them for others to use later. My fondant and frosting proportions are for 24 cupcakes, so adjust accordingly.
I'm including pictures, so the tutorial will be below the cut.

For all pre-packaged things, I tend to use Wilton products, but other bands would be fine.

24 oz package of white fondant
2 inch ball of black fondant
Golden Yellow gel color
Royal Blue gel color
Teal gel color
Black Sparkle Gel writer
White Sparkle Gel writer
2 inch circle cutter
1 1/4 inch circle cutter
fondant rolling pin with 3/16 inch rolling guide
Thin pointed modeling stick
2A decorating tip
Enough of your preferred frosting to frost however many cupcakes you are making (I needed about 6 cups for 24 cupcakes)
candy eyes (1 large or 2 small per minion)
yellow cupcake batter
small plastic cups (2 or 3)
white shortening
a rolling mat (or something to roll the fondant on)

First make the minions (they will need some time to dry and set):

Make some gum glue by putting a small amount of gum paste (broken up) into a small plastic cup with water

Dye the white fondant yellow with the golden yellow color

Roll the fondant out using the rolling guides, and cut using the two cutters. Combine one small and one large circle and roll into a ball. Flatten into an oval shape and use the modeling tool to poke holes in the top for inserting the hair. Push one or two eyes into the front and set aside on some wax paper to dry.

Shape the hair, by taking small amounts of the black fondant and rolling it into thin tubes. Dip an end of the hair into the gum glue and insert into the hole. Put back on the wax paper.

Once all the minions have hair outline the goggles in black sparkle gel and make smiles out of the white sparkle gel. Allow them to set for several hours to one day.

Make your cupcakes and dye them blue using one part teal and one part royal blue color. Allow them to cool.

Make your icing and dye blue using 1 part teal and 2 parts royal blue. Frost the cupcakes using the 2A tip. Place the dried minions into the tops of the cupcakes.

If for some reason the pictures don't show up they can be found here.

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