Jun. 17th, 2009 10:21 pm
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This year, the chorus I sing with has started using a formal "audition"/ rehearing process. We sing in quartets (SATB) in front of professional and unbiased adjudicators (not our director). In the evaluation we are graded on note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, tone quality, vocal production, diction, intonation and sight reading (done individually).

Based on this audition we will be either - retained as members, retained as members on "probation" - needing additional help, or no longer members. The threshold being set was based on how others in your section did.

I was nervous mostly because I judge myself harshly and I wanted to do well. I wasn't concerned about not making the cut, but I thought my scores might be in the mid-range.

I lost a total of 5 points. One in rhythm (I rushed a 3/4 measure), one in diction (no one ever has perfect diction) and three on sight reading (I changed key in the middle and then corrected myself). I had perfect scores in note accuracy, tone quality, vocal production and intonation. I am completely amazed by my tone and intonation scores - because honestly, I really don't feel like I have the best tone or intonation (guess I was wrong).

Part of me wants to frame the scoring form.

Day of suck

May. 1st, 2009 06:28 pm
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Today has been a day of suck. First I had to to back into work until 1:30am. That meant I got about three hours sleep before I went to work. When I got to work I found out that I was working with three of the more "interesting" personalities. Alone any one would be fine but all three while sleep deprived was more than I could mentally handle.

So I was at work until 2 today. I tried napping when I got home and found sleep impossible. We ran to Taco Bell for dinner, they took so long to make the food that when they gave it to us we had to change it to to go and I had to eat it in the car. And they messed up the order.

To top it off my voice still makes me sound like Kathleen Turner and any attempt to phonate on pitch results in croaking. So now I'm sitting in Baird 250 listening to warm-up knowing I'm going to me lip-synching the entire concert.

Today just plain sucks.

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