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I think it's been forever since I really posted anything.

If you aren't a facebook friend of mine, or haven't been following me too closely, you probably don't know that I am embarking on something life-changing. I've never been really happy with my weight, not since I was in high school. The numbers on the scale have been creeping up steadily and it's been making me sadder and sadder.

At the end of August, I went to the doctors. I'd hit a new high on the scale. And I reached my limit. So I joined Spark People. Then last weekend I joined a gym. So far, I have lost 15 lbs with a goal of losing at least 80 lbs. I'll be happy with 80, but really I'd like to lose about 110.

The gym I joined has a few really nice features, but the one I like best is that all of the classes are included. This means I don't have to register to attend a class, but I can just show up whenever I can. With my schedule that is a huge bonus and means I might actually use them. Plus, the gym is two storefronts down from the dance studio where A takes class. So I have an hour every Saturday to spend there while she takes her Tap class.

I tried a Zumba class today with much trepidation. I haven't done any real exercising since before A was born (and she's 5), so the concept of a 60 min class scared me. It was great! I wasn't the only first timer, nor was I the largest person there. Everyone worked at their own level and the instructors were super encouraging. So were the other class attendees. I actually made it through the whole class. It felt great.

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