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I'm sleep deprived due to work and can't form super coherent sentences, so in lieu of an actual post I present my list of random things flitting through my mind right now:

The best thing about having your pager pager go off at 7:20 in the morning after being in the OR until midnight the night before, is having them tell you that the 9am case you were getting ready to go in for is cancelled.

One of the coolest things about my job is the people I meet - like the Korean War Bronze Star recipient I got to talk to last night.

Drug of Choice Coffee has an awesome website and three really cool names for their coffee. But the only one worth drinking is Magnolia Lane.

My arm may regret it on Monday, but I'm going to bake baguettes tomorrow despite the fact the my biceps tendinitis is still acting up. Maybe I should see someone about that.

The federal government avoided a shutdown with almost 39 Billion in cuts.

My beloved Sabers have a new owner, a new focus, and clinched a playoff spot last night.

The princess is turning into a hockey fan - she has asked to wear Sabres shirt for the third day in a row today and doesn't complain if we watch the hockey game instead of Mickey Mouse or listen to the game in the car rather than her music.

Should I be frightened that bacon appears to be the princess's favorite food?

I have a Darth Tater (finally!) thanks to a really awesome mom I met.

I got a thank you/update email from Aaron Bartnicki, the man I talked about in my last posting. That felt really cool.

I got an account on AO3 (I'm drnic). I haven't posted anything (yet) but I will once my two current fanfics (one being typed in to email to my beta, one still being written) are ready for reading.

I found a willing beta reader for my fanfic outlet, who read some of my work in progress and told me she liked it (and she's not even in the fandom I'm writing for).

Two of our friends, who currently live in France, are moving back to the US so we get to see more of them. Yay!

I have of late been obsessed with home improvement shows.

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