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I'm continuing my pattern of posting about my vacation with a daily update.

Today was my briefest day at the conference so far. We went to the luau last night and took over 200 pictures, most of which came out great. They'll be posted somewhere later. I finished up with work things around 11. I met P back at the room and we changed into bathing suits and I put on the sarong I bought. I slathered myself in SPF 30 sunblock and headed for the beach. We got a hot dog each for lunch. I swam/treaded water for about half an hour in the ocean then headed back to the beach. I laid on the beach for about 90 min reading and only got some very minor sunburns.

We headed back to the room to change out of our suits and briefly wash the sand off. Then we got dressed to go on a submarine ride to look at sea life. That was incredible. We got to see tons of things including a black tip reef shark (yay!), two turtles and tons of local fish. It was really nice to switch into tourist mode.

We had dinner at one of the restaurants on the resort and finally found someplace that had a dessert worth eating. Plus I had two very very very strong Mai Tais. I'm finally coherent enough to type after drinking them. Now we're 90% packed and I'm just catching up on a few internet things. We did manage to arrange for a later checkout tomorrow (1pm) but I wanted to get it mostly done tonight.

Tomorrow we're off to Pearl Harbor in the morning, then back to the hotel to change into travel clothes and finish packing. Our flight leaves at 5pm local time (11pm B-lo time) and we get in to Buffalo around 11am on Wed. This will probably be my last post until we land so I hope you've enjoyed reading about my little working vacation.


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