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Jun. 6th, 2008 09:52 am
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Leave a comment and I will:
A) tell you why I friended you,
B) associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.,
C) tell you something I like about you,
D) tell you a memory I have of you,
E) ask something I've always wanted to know about you,
F) tell you my favorite user pic of yours,
G) in return, you must post this in your LJ, but only if you want to.

taken from [ profile] hbbtrbbtbcnbt

on 2008-06-06 03:09 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I am interested in hearing what you would say of me.

on 2008-06-06 03:57 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
A. I friended you because your you (and your the first person I ever felt an instant connection to).
B. I associate you with music/singing.
C. I like how comfortable you are in who you are and that you don't try to be anything but yourself.
D. I alwasy remember the first time we met at school and starting a conversation with you (a total stranger). Then it was over an hour later and we were still talking.
E. Were you ever physically attracted to me? (just curious)
F. My favorite user pic is the one with Aiden.

on 2008-06-06 04:23 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
E. Were you ever physically attracted to me? (just curious)
Y'know, now that I think of it, I don't think I was. It's nothing against you as a person, nor about your looks. I'd say I'm not inclined to be attracted to blonds, but I dated Gretchen in the fall of 1995... Then again, I hadn't really realized I was bi until the Alexa stuff happened.

I can't remember if I ever told you the story of why I found out I was bi.

But, at the time, she was the only person I knew IRL that I was interested in, that I can remember. Hmmm. That's not 100% right either. I thought Mary Morgan was gorgeous, but that never went past the, "Wow, she's hot!" stage.

Then again, I wasn't really sexual at all -- aside from my solo finger forays -- until the summer before I went to college. (I'd discovered masturbation when I was pretty damn little, I'd say 3ish years old. I can't remember if I had yet acquired the glee with which I share that tidbit of knowledge when we knew each other in HS. That might have been a college-age development.)

on 2008-06-06 06:00 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
*leaves a comment*

on 2008-06-07 12:32 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
A) I friended you partially because of wedding stuff and partially because of how well we all got along when we first met.
B) green (as in environmental movement not color)
C) I admire how committed you are to your ideals.
D) Playing Cranium at my house with KLK and Howard (I almost typed KLT out of habit)
E) What was your first impression of me?
F) I like the one of Oliver and Liam labeled my boys.

on 2008-06-06 07:52 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Hi!!! This is me, leaving a comment :)

on 2008-06-06 11:17 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
No caffeine hammy!!

on 2008-06-07 12:41 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
A) I friended you mostly for wedding stuff, but liking the friendship that developed.
B) Kinky Boots, music
C) I like how you try to find the positive in things no matter how bad they might be.
D) Dancing with Liam at the wedding.
E) If you could re-do one thing in your life, what would it be and why?
F) I like Dancing Tink best.

on 2008-06-09 12:38 am (UTC)
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E)...If I could re-do one thing, it would be the summer of 93. I was working at a Christian summer camp, and I turned 18 while I was there. I wish I had followed through with a crazy idea I had, that I didn't have to go home. I could have stayed where I was, gotten a job to pay for the rent on a room, and finish my senior year of HS. I would have done it to stay away from my folks, who were divorced and fighting alot, even though they were apart, and to continue the grand adventure of being on my own, and finally getting to know who I was. So many things would have been different...being self-focused, I might have gone to college, knowing what I wanted to do, and saved myself further drama and pain.

But then, I wouldn't be where I am now. Despite how much things sucked during that time, it helped me to become who I am now, and I can't deny that. I like who I am now, and being Matt's wife, and being Brandon and Dakota's mom, and being involved with my church, and having the friends I have.

on 2008-06-06 11:16 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I am curious what you would say..

on 2008-06-07 12:48 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
A) I friended you because you're Maureen's husband.
B) leather, shoes, fun
C) I like that you are generous (I mean you offered me shoes out of your own closet because you thought I might like them).
D) Watching you play with Molly at my house after the rehearsal dinner.
E) What first attracted you to Maureen?
F) the Queen of Self-inflicted Drama

on 2008-06-07 02:26 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
We were both going through tough times when we got together and we listened to each other when no one else seemed to. She used to wear really unique clothes to a werewolf larp we went to. She wore slashed white tights over red I think. It was very striking.

on 2008-06-07 11:59 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Hey, look! A comment!

on 2008-06-08 03:48 am (UTC)
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A) I friended you because I've known you since college.
B) sports, the Avengers
C)I like that you don't use your disability as a crutch.
D) Halloween - John Steed
E)Where would you like to be in 10 years?
F) I like the Flash icon the best.

on 2008-06-08 10:18 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I like that you don't use your disability as a crutch. ()
*blushes* Thank you. It says something about my station in life that my family is wondering why I haven't at this point.

Where would you like to be in 10 years? ()
Somewhere else? Okay, turning off the snarkometer for a moment, a bigger city would be ideal, if only for the change of pace (ie: grad school in London or New York) and the personal satisfaction it would provide.

on 2008-06-08 12:49 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
oooh this is fun! I'll have to think up answers to answer yours!

on 2008-06-08 03:50 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
A) I friended you because I knew you from work.
B) babies
C) I love how dedicated you are
D) complaining about Super Mario while at work
E) What made you go into nursing?
F) the pregnant belly one, definitely


on 2008-06-08 03:11 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
A.) I too knew you from work
B.) Pain Relief :)
C.) I like that you're not afraid to admit how much you really love Star Wars
D.) Listening to wacky Christmas Songs
E.) When you were little what did you want to be when you "grew up"?
F.) I like the picture with the little frog that says "Little girls like butterflies" I think it's cute

*I became a nurse because I always wanted to help people and I originally didn't think I was smart enough to make it through Nursing School,that's why I have a Communications Degree too, but I took a leap of faith and made it :). I always wanted to specialize in L&D and I was so excited when I got the job at WCHOB because I could finally do what I love and really help people in the process :)

Re: :)

on 2008-06-08 10:53 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Since I was about 8 or so, I've been saying I wanted to be a doctor. Corny but true.

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